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Top Russian Dating Sites

Matchmaking isn’t to be trifled with if you’re looking for a Russian man or woman to begin a relationship. There’re lots of preferences you have to consider before choosing a Russian partner.

It used to be a bit tricky to get a great match, particularly with the significant number of sites promising “the best.”

It’s easier than ever to get a perfect Russian match from your comfort zone. On, we’ve gone through a massive collection of all Russian dating sites on the internet.

And the sites we’ve singled out will make sure you get that love from Moscow you’ve always wanted. Check them out below for a partner that’ll transform your love life;



540 user reviews

If your search for a Russian partner has to be in a specific country, Russian Hearts is the choice for you. This site has an extensive collection of Russians living abroad in the US, UK, Canada, and many other countries.

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576 user reviews

With the site claiming to have over 1.5 million members, Russian Cupid is an excellent place to start your dating adventure. And when you log on to the site, you’d notice its testimonials pane displaying many content users with their Russian mate.

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569 user reviews

On, visitors are assured a vast collection of Russian beauties ready to hook up. This site also adds extra spice to the mix as it comes free for all users.

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601 user reviews

Elena’s Models provides an extensive service for men from the US and other Western countries to meet their Russian beauty. This site becomes fully functional after a paid membership, but you’d have a free month subscription upon registration.

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525 user reviews

If you’re looking for a massive collection of Russian girls to guide you around Russia, you’ve got to think about visiting This site boasts many ladies you can contact comfortably and hook up with in many countries around the globe.

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521 user reviews

With over 13 outstanding features and video chatting, Ukraine Brides Agency is a great spot to get a Ukrainian/Russian bride. And this site ranks high among the rest as its models are vetted to be real before getting listed on-site.

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642 user reviews

On, there’s a massive collection of Slavic beauties waiting to transform your love life. There’s always a girl online waiting to connect with you on this site, and the site also provides excellent 24/7 customer support.

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639 user reviews is an excellent destination to link up with your preferred Russian partner, male inclusive. Also, you’d be able to tailor your preferences as there’re age and gender parameters you can set up for your perfect partner.  

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How to Choose the Best Russian Dating Site?

Scroll through profiles

An excellent way to choose the best Russian dating site is to check out a particular site’s profiles. While you’re checking these out, it becomes easier to discover if the site hosts fakes or duplicates.

Verified members

Some sites don’t go the extra mile to ensure their members are who they claim to be. In such cases, unsuspecting users will be open to scammers, spammers, and the like.

Ensure your preferred site has its members verified before opting to search for your partner on such online locations.

Check out last seen

To ensure you’re not wasting your time on a dating site, check out its recent users. Most visitors to dating sites overlook this, but checking out last seen of several users will reveal if the site’s got active members.

Preferences should be available.

To benefit from a dating site, you need features that’ll help you select what you want from an ideal partner.

Most sites have these features set out, such as age, sex, a man looking for a woman or vice-versa, location, etc.

Avoid PPL sites

A dating site that functions with a (Pay per Letter) PPL structure doesn’t have your interest at heart. Sites with PPL will charge you for anything you do on-site. And in most cases, these sites have phony members working to keep your funds coming in.

One thing peculiar about PPL sites is their closed nature on sharing contact info between users.

Beware of money-first dating sites.

With very few exceptions, most dating sites that ask for your money as a ‘membership’ fee are phony. These sites are just set up with beautiful features on the outside. But most of these sites are shallow and outdated on the inside.

Why Our Selection of Russian Dating Sites is the Best?

A lot of Russian girls online are looking to hook-up and become your partner. And to be sure you’re going to get nothing but the best, check out why our collection is second to none right now;

Real Russian Girls

The sites in our collection feature girls that are actually from Russian and Slavic countries. With originality assured, you’d know you’re getting exactly what you want.

International Platform

Are you looking for Russian/Ukrainian girls or guys from the UK, US, Canada, and across Europe? Our top selection of the best Russian dating sites ensures you get in touch with your preferred Slavic partner.

Distance isn’t a barrier as you’d get in touch with a soul mate regardless of where they live.  

Selection of Preferred Partner’s Characteristics

Do you want a Russian partner within a certain age or of a particular sex? This collection has got your back!

There’re sites on this list that’ll allow you to select your partner's significant characteristics and lots more.

No Phishing

Phishing scams are on the rise throughout the Web, and dating sites are a common destination for scammers. But not on the sites in this collection!

Several safety protocols feature on these sites to keep scammers and fraudsters away.

No Underage Users

There’s no need to get worried about engaging in communications with an underage girl or guy through these sites. These sites vet their users before publishing their profiles online.