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Things to Know Before Dating a Russian Girl

Russian ladies have given guys in the West something to fantasize about for years. And with the internet’s help, many Russian ladies now date guys from around the world.

To make sure you’ve got tabs on your Russian beau, there’re few things you need to know. These points will help you make the most from your time with a Russian female. Check them out below;

Thing 1 – Russian Girls Demand Your Undying Affection

Most Russian girls won’t be open to dating you for long if you’re a bit cold to show them how much you care.

Even when you’re not wired to show your Russian girl some love, they still expect you to do so. Russian males show a lot of affection to their females, and they expect this from any man, Russian or not.  

Thing 2 – These Girls Need You to Put in the Work. Really!

A Russian lady expects you to be a man in lots of situations. For example, you both go out to a fruit market and have two heavy bags to carry. A Russian lady won’t be impressed if you can’t man up and pick both bags with no issues.

Once again, it’s something they’re used to, so you really can’t blame them.

Thing 3 – No Going Dutch with a Russian Female

If you’ve been dating ladies that have no problems with footing the bill, think again when you’re dating a Russian. These ladies expect you to pay for most stuff. You can’t blame these ladies on this. Most Russian cultures see it as dishonorable for a woman to foot the bill with a man present.

So even if your Russian girl invites you to lunch, you’re expected to foot the bill.

Thing 4 – Make them Feel Young All the Time.

Russians refer to their females as “Devushka” regardless of their age. This Russian term means “young lady” and isn’t to be toyed with.

So, if you choose to date a middle-aged Russian lady, she still expects to be called Devushka without fail.

Thing 5 – Buy Lots of Flowers

Russian girls and flowers are inseparable. If you’re keen on winning their favor, you’ve got to make the flowers keep coming.

But there’s something you’ve got to know about Russian girls and flowers. If you opt to buy flowers in pairs, your gift may not be accepted. Russian culture sees flowers bought in pairs as only ideal for funerals.

So make doubly sure you buy her odd numbers of flowers, or a ginormous bunch she can’t count.  

Thing 6 – These Girls are Never Late. Never!

Did you invite your Russian beau on a date and it’s over half-an-hour past the agreed time to meet? Don’t get cringe-y. Russian females don’t feel the need to honor your set time and can show up when they want.

So, rather than go bonkers when she finally arrives, compliment her hair or place a quick order. Remember, DON’T ask her why she got to the date late if she doesn’t say.

Thing 7 – They Demand Your Courtesy 24/7

Opening the car door, ladies first, and all you think you know about courtesy is at another level with Russian girls. These girls expect you to be a gentleman at all times, particularly in public spaces.

With such a show of chivalry, it’ll be more comfortable for a Russian female to appreciate you every time.  

Thing 8 – These Ladies are Attention Seekers

As you’d expect, Russian ladies want to be the center of attraction in your life. They want to identify with you when you go out to visit family, friends, and hangouts.

With such attention given to these ladies, it won’t be difficult for them to spend forever with you. Russian ladies have a tight-knit bond with socialization and feel respected when you’re not shy to identify with them.

Thing 9 – These Girls are Family-Oriented

If you’ve got a large family, it’s guaranteed your Russian beau would want to see all of them. In Russia, most girls come from pretty large families where everyone knows everyone. So don’t be surprised if she wants to meet a relative you haven’t seen in years.

Thing 10 – They Tend to Handle Most Emotional Issues Silently

Handling emotional issues without breaking a sweat is familiar to many Russian girls with a few exceptions. These girls take relationship issues more comfortably, unlike some other ladies that will inevitably cause a scene.

Final Word

Now that you’ve seen the things to know before dating a Russian girl, there’s a higher chance of being happy. With these main tips, you’d know just what to do for your Russian damsel to remain satisfied.

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