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The Pros and Cons of Dating a Russian Girl

What it feels like to date Russian girls has been shroud in mystery for several years. And in most cases, guys from other countries fill in the blanks with assumptions.

But as you’d expect, Russian females have a mysterious side, just like other girls. Here’s a detailed collection of the pros and cons of dating a Russian girl. Hope you’ll put it to good use?!


Pro 1 – These Girls are Caring Like Crazy

When you need the perfect dose of love and care, why not date a Russian female? These girls will go out of their way to know if you’re fine and make sure you are.

There’s a lot these girls will give to make you happy. In most cases, they’re ready to forgo some desires to put a smile on your face.

Pro 2 – Friendship Comes as a Bonus

Great advice and companionship comes with dating a Russian girl. These girls will do all they can to ensure you’re never alone, unlike some other girls with little knowledge of friendship.

So, if you’re looking for someone to confide in and make your best friend, consider dating a Russian female.

Pro 3 – These Girls take Modesty to Another Level

Moderation is a key feature Russian females possess. These ladies won’t be extravagant when you’re on a budget. But don’t mistake them to be haters of an expensive lifestyle.

Russian girls have extensive training on making do with what they got. So make sure your mind is set on getting a Slavic female as a partner.

Pro 4 – They Make Great Wives

If you’re searching for a great cook and stellar mother to your children, think about dating a Slavic babe. Russian girls are highly likely to not let you down if you’re planning to take things further.

Pro 5 – They’ve got an Us-Against-The-World Setup by Default

It’s difficult to see a Russian beau outing her partner or spouse to the public. In most situations, a Russian will opt to defend you publicly and keep your integrity intact.

These girls have learned devotion since they learned to stand, so expect unflinching loyalty without fail.

Also, it’s odd to see a Russian female engaging in infidelity. So, don’t expect affairs to pose a problem to your relationship.


Con 1 – Language, Language, Language

Russian girls don’t really fancy learning English until absolutely necessary. So, be ready to make use of translators for a very long time before your Russian girl picks up on English.

Con 2 – They May Not Want to Leave

It’s certain most stereotypical illustrations of Russian females liken them to Snow White. Most of these reads create a picture of Russian girls waiting at the airport for a Western guy to take them away. Most of these stereotypes come back void.

Just as other countries, Russia has a known history of violence towards women. But that doesn’t mean all girls want to leave immediately.

After setting up a relationship, your preferred Russian beauty may not want to move to your country. And this could create a dent in your relationship’s chances.

Con 3 – Their Family Affiliations May Freak You Out

Most Russian families number in the hundreds when you’re through counting cousins, uncles, aunties, and others. This means it’s highly likely for your Russian beauty to be oddly attached to her family. And it’s not just with her family.

Most Russian girls will also want to know a lot about your own extended family. And what if you really don’t have time for that? Issues could crop up.

Con 4 – They Won’t Reveal Their Emotions Easily

Russian girls are very emotional when they need to be. But in most cases, these ladies could be as cold as ice when there’s an issue in your relationship. Years and years of learning from relationship mistakes in Russia could be a major factor behind this.

Con 5 – She could be Snoopy

A Russian female is likely to suspect you’re up to no good when your routine changes. These ladies may have been at the receiving end of infidelity numerous times in their native country.

If this happens and you’re not doing anything funny, man up and waive the issue. It may not happen again as your Russian beau’s trust in you will skyrocket.

Final Word

Russian girls will be head-over-heels for you when you’ve got them figured out. But to make the most from dating a Russian girl, you need information. And with the pros and cons of dating a Russian girl, you’ll sure be ahead of the game and keep your Russian beau happy all the time.

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