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Lessons Learned Dating In Russia While Learning Russian

Are you looking to date someone in Russia? Do you need to learn the local language from your chosen partner? If yes, then it’s excellent!

Russian is one language many people want to speak, based on its relevance and growing international acceptance.

But in most cases, learning Russian isn’t plain sailing. There’re some lessons learned dating in Russia while learning Russian you’ve got to know about. And here’s a rundown of essential stuff I discovered. Enjoy!

Thing 1 – Russian Males are More Inclined to Help Women

Even if you’re carrying two very light envelopes, it’s common to see a Russian male ask they help you carry it.

These individuals would do all they can to make you feel at home in Russia, even if you’re not a local.  

Thing 2 – Russian Men Love Hardworking Women

Women who hold their own are admired in most developed countries. But this admiration hits new highs when you’re in Russia.

You’d get surprised to know men love independent women when searching for a partner. It’ll also surprise you further that Russian male will appreciate any of your actions geared towards getting them happy.

Thing 3 – Language Barriers Could be Common

Just as you’d expect, language could be a major issue when you’re dating a Russian. If you’re lucky enough, you could meet a Russian with impeccable English.

But gear your focus towards learning the local language from such a person. Most people you’ll meet may not get a word of what you’re saying in English, French, or Dutch.

Thing 4 – Dating a Russian Could be Eye-Opening

You’ve certainly heard stories of how violent Russian males are toward women. And also, most attest to Russians being unapologetic and plain cold. But in most cases, these assessors are wrong.

Russia is a large country and experiences its fair share of domestic abuse against women, just like many other nations. This doesn’t make all Russians the same.

If you get to know a decent Russian with a strong family upbringing, you may find them surprisingly different.

Most foreigners to have dated Russians see them as romantic and supportive, just like many Russian females too.

Thing 5 – Russians will Single You Out with Every Opportunity

You’d seem like a red stain on a white shirt if you’re visiting a small Russian community. Most people, particularly the old ladies, won’t waste time to single out your dressing or accent.

Should this happen to you, don’t be shy! That’s how it is in most parts of Russia.

Thing 6 – Russians Could Misunderstand You Often

Apart from finding communication tricky with your non-fluent-in-English partner, you’d likely experience it with other Russians.

And to make this go away as fast, it’s more comfortable to learn basic Russian from your partner in earnest. It’ll surely save you a lot of headaches.  

Thing 7 – Russian Males are Regarded Higher than Females

As is the norm in numerous world societies today, women take a back seat when it comes to gender issues.

Most Russian families see women as ideal for house chores and taking care of the children. But it won’t be odd also to see a babushka running house affairs after her husband passes on.

Russian society regards women as an integral factor in several aspects, nonetheless. And it won’t be a surprise to hear a Russian male attributing his good behavior to his mother’s training.

Thing 8 – Cultural Differences Could be a Factor

Russia is a land driven by many anecdotal myths and seriously-hyped folklore. Most people can relate to this through the mystic aura surrounding most past and present Russian leaders.

So, most things you don’t take seriously in the West could have a massive superstitious meaning in Russia.

For instance, Russians see a black cat as a bad omen while pairs of flowers are only good for funerals. But such stuff has no meaning when you’re in the West.   

Thing 9 – Male/Female Friendships are Few and Far Between

It’s an odd experience to see members of the opposite sex in a platonic relationship. In most cases, opposites are only not frowned at when they’re dating. It may seem odd, but that’s the norm in several social climes in Russia.

Thing 10 – Marriage and Children is Always on the Table

In Western countries, the chances of a young male hooking up with a female for a long-lasting relationship remain 50/50. In Russia, marriage and children remains a major aim for many young adults.

A massive number of Russians were brought up in an extended family setup. Such upbringing has somehow replicated the need for family life and settling down in Russian youth.

So, if a Russian likes you enough to propose, it could mean you’re walking down the aisle any moment.

Final Word

The lessons learned dating in Russia while learning Russian is both eye-opening and interesting. In the end, most Russians are welcoming and will likely make your stay more eventful.

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